• You’ve been accepted. Now what?

    Start preparing mentally and physically.

You’re accepted.

Within two weeks of receiving your acceptance letter, you should receive an acceptance packet.  Complete and return the forms in the packet with your reservation fee.

You are then invited to register for VMI’s Summer Transition Program and encouraged to take time for physical conditioning before matriculation.

Complete Placement Tests

Once your VMI email account has been created, the Associate Registrar for Advising Support will contact you and provide instructions for taking foreign language and/or mathematics placement tests. The message, bearing the subject heading “Mandatory Placement Testing” should be read carefully.  You will be contacted in late May.

All students take the mathematics placement test.  Students who have taken two or more years of foreign language in grades nine through 12 are tested for language ability, even if they do not intend to study a language at VMI.

Test results, high school record, foreign residency, and a personal interview all contribute to recommendation for placement into appropriate-level courses.

Condition Body & Mind

Training should include running, sit-ups, and pull-ups, which are required for the VMI Fitness Test (VFT), and a fitness program that will prepare you for calisthenics, marching, running on hilly terrain, and tests of stamina and agility such as the obstacle course.

Mental preparation should involve improvement in self-discipline, emotional discipline, anger management, and coping with fatigue. You must be mentally prepared to control your behavior when being pushed to your limits.

What to bring to matriculation.

Footlockers and Luggage

You may bring one hard-sided trunk (approximate size 12” high x 17” wide x 36” long) or another piece of luggage of similar size (all other luggage must fit inside). Limited storage space is available in the trunk room after unpacking. It is recommended that the piece of luggage be lockable. Sensitive and expensive items should not be stored in the barracks trunk room.

VMI does not have insurance to cover damage, loss, or theft. The number of clothing items recommended is based on having to change clothes two or three times a day during the August heat. Laundry is sent out once a week.  Please refer to the cadet handbook for a specific packing list.


There is no need to cut your hair to VMI standards prior to matriculation. Arriving with a conservative haircut, however, is encouraged.

The VMI barbershop will take care of your first cadet haircut. Some cadets donate their hair  to Locks of Love or other charities if it is at least 10 inches long. Let your VMI barber know if you want to donate your hair.



Cadet computers must meet minimum requirements to operate on the local area network and must be laptops; desktop computers are not permitted.

VMI recommends one Dell laptop model View system recommendations


Microsoft Office Professional is provided for all cadets.  avast! software is required on any computer using the VMI network.

For more information, visit VMI Computing


Uniforms are issued by the Institute and are the property of the Institute. There are specific guidelines on the proper way to wear each uniform. Most uniform items are issued during the first week at VMI,  although some uniforms are issued in advance to those students participating in the Summer Transition Program.

Clothing is identified by a laundry number assigned by the laundry department. “Rat bags” issued during the first week include a marking pen. You will be given time to mark all washable items you bring.